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DuraVent Venting Pipe

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Product Series from DuraVent

All-Fuel Chimney Systems

Dura-Vent (formerly Simpson Dura-Vent) offers three products to fulfill your all-fuel chimney needs. All-fuel includes wood, oil, gas, and coal-fired appliances.

DuraTech is a double-wall all-fuel chimney system with both US and Canadian approvals for specific applications. DuraTech 2100 degree chimney is available in sizes 5”-8”, and 1700 degree chimney available in sizes 10”-24”.

DuraPlus is a triple-wall 2100 degree all-fuel chimney system. DuraPlus features two layers of insulation and is available in sizes 6”-8”.

DuraChimney II is an exceptional factory-built alternative to pre-fabricated masonry chimneys. DuraChimney II is a unitized, lightweight design which eliminates the need for field assembly of pipe sections, allowing for faster installation.

DuraVent Pellet Chimney Systems

PelletVent Pro for biofuels and Pellet Vent for Multi-Fuels

All PelletVent Pro components that come into contact with flue gases are built with an inner wall of corrosion resistant super-ferritic metal. PelletVent Pro for biofuels is a patent-pending venting system designed for stoves and inserts fueled by wood pellets, biofuels (corn, switchgrass, cherry pits, soybeans, coffee husks, sunflower hulls, walnut shells and wheat, to name a few) or oil fuel. Rated for continuous use flue temperatures up to 570 degrees F in 3” and 4” diameter sizes. PelletVent Pro is UL listed for 1” clearance to combustibles in the USA and in Canada. It’s double-wall, air-insulated design offers superior performance. Seams are factory-sealed on all elbows, tees, and fittings. It features a metal-to-metal seal as the primary protection against leakage. A high temperature silicone o-ring, completely encapsulated between the inner and outer wall, provides a secondary seal, providing superior safety.

PelletVent may be used with pellet stoves that burn agri-fuels (including wood pellets, corn, cherry pits, switch grass, coffee, husks, walnut shells, soybeans, wheat, sunflower hulls, rapeseed, and sugarbeets, to name a few) or oil fuel. All PelletVent components that come into contact with flue gases are built with an inner wall of corrosion resistant super-ferritic metal. PelletVent’s low temperature chimney is available in 3” and 4” sizes. PelletVent is UL listed for 3” clearance to combustibles in the USA and Canada.

Relining Chimney Systems

DuraVent (formerly Simpson Dura-Vent) offers two products to fulfill your relining chimney needs. Masonry chimney relining for appliances fueled by gas, pellet, oil, wood, or coal.

DuraLiner is a double-wall, insulated all-fuel relining system for masonry chimneys. DuraLiner is the premium high-temperature relining system, and is listed and approved for zero clearance installation. DuraLiner is available in sizes 5”, 6” and 8”. DuraLiner is UL and ULC approved.

DuraFlex single-wall, aluminum and stainless steel relining systems. DuraFlex is available in sizes 3”-8”. DuraFlex SS is available in 304 and 316ti stainless steel, and is designed for use with pellet, non-condensing gas, and oil appliances. Simpson DuraFlex SS is UL and ULC Listed. DuraFlex AL is an aluminum relining system which provides economical means to reline masonry chimney for Category I gas furnaces, water heaters, fireplace inserts, and non-condensing boilers.

DuraFlex AL is UL Listed.

Direct Vent Systems

DuraVent (formerly Simpson Dura-Vent) offers one product to fulfill all your direct vent needs. Direct venting for stoves, heaters, and fireplaces. Specified exclusively by nearly every major stove and fireplace manufacturer in the US and Canada.

DirectVent Pro is designed for use with direct vent stoves, heaters, and fireplaces. DirectVent Pro is laser-welded and requires no gaskets or sealants. DirectVent Pro is available to the specialty hearth market. DirectVent Pro is UL approved.

Stovepipe Systems

DuraVent (formerly Simpson Dura-Vent) offers two products to complete your installation needs. Stovepipe is used to connect the appliance to the chimney pipe and offers improved performance and a decorative finishing touch.

DVL double-wall stovepipe is designed for enhanced safety and superior stove performance. DVL’s double-wall air insulated design reduces clearances to combustibles to 6” to walls, and 8” to ceiling. DVL is available in sizes 6”-8”. DVL is UL and c-UL approved.

DuraBlack single-wall stovepipe features die-formed end fittings and adjustable sections that eliminate cutting and crimping. DuraBlack provides an 18” clearance to combustibles, and is available in sizes 6”-8”.

Gas Systems

DuraVent (formerly Simpson Dura-Vent) offers superior quality in round, oval, and flexible gas vent systems. DuraVent gas vent systems offer a wide range of applications including: natural gas fireplaces, gas-fired furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and wall or space heating applications.

Type B Gas Vent is the Contractor’s Choice for minimizing effects of condensation on the appliance and the vent system. Type B Gas Vent is suitable for use with low heat gas-fired appliances. Type B Gas Vent is available in round sizes of 3”-30” and oval sizes 4”-6”. Type B Gas Vent is UL and ULC approved.

DuraConnect is flexible gas vent connector. DuraConnect I is used where a single-wall connector is allowed. DuraConnect II double-wall flexible vent is certified as having the equivalent thermal properties as Type B Gas Vent and can be used where a double-wall connector is required. DuraConnect is available in sizes 3”-6”. DuraConnect is UL approved.

AL29-4C FasNSeal Systems

FasNSeal and FasNSeal Flex is for use with natural gas or propane Categories II, III and IV appliances or Canada’s Type BH Gas Vent Systems, having a maximum rated operating temperature of 480°F and a maximum positive pressure of 6” water column.

FasNSeal can be used on a wide range of applications, including: high efficiency gas boilers, furnaces, booster heaters, pool heaters, water heaters, unit heaters, or tankless water heaters.

FasNSeal W2 is ideal for use on commercial applications such as: office buildings, medical facilities, condos, or multiple unit apartment complexes where there is the need for low clearances to combustibles. In residential applications, FasNSeal W2 is the perfect solution for running between floor joists or in walls.

All FasNSeal single- and double-wall vent lengths and components feature patented built-in mechanical locking band and triple lipped directional gaskets. All pipes and components are engineered with smooth clean welds located 90° from mechanical locking bands. This construction feature allows for ease of installation.

All FasNSeal components which come in contact with exhaust gases and condensates are now silicone free. This important design and manufacturing feature greatly reduces the chances of system breakdown and failure. The main problems with silicone are there are too many adhesion factors which are very difficult to control and the process of binding similar materials with an epoxy, which can weaken the bond over time. Welded seams ensures a leak-free product that is meant to last.

FasNSeal Flex Made from AL29-4C stainless steel. Corrosion resistant. Manufactured with a sure-seal locking seam for superior strength and flexibility. The smooth inner-wall provides for no output reduction, allowing for full appliance efficiency, ease of cleaning and regular maintenance. The smooth inner wall optimizes gas flow, minimizes back pressure, and facilitates condensate management. Only flexible chimney liner listed to UL 1738 standard.

New Name, Same Great Pipe!

The M&G Group acquired Simpson DuraVent September 1, 2010. M&G DuraVent, Inc., a member of the M&G Group, is one of 13 companies in the privately held consortium. 

M&G ( was founded in 1932 and is headquartered in the Netherlands. The M&G Group produces a wide range of flue and vent products in aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. It is the largest supplier of engineered venting systems for the high-efficiency heating market in Europe. All M&G companies, including DuraVent, are 100% focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing only flue and ventilation systems.

Since 1958, DuraVent has been a leading manufacturer of Gas Vent and Chimney products in the US. In 1982, DuraVent was purchased by Simpson Manufacturing. In 2008 DuraVent acquired both the Ventinox product line from America Boa, and ProTech Systems, the highly respected manufacturer of Hearth, HVAC and PHC products.

Whether it’s a pellet, wood, oil, coal, or gas appliance, Duravent has the products you need to make your installation a snap!

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