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Types of Venting Pipe

A few key points about venting pipe:

When it comes to stove pipe in your home, you’re talking about a very specialized aspect of home improvement with very specific needs. So let be your source for stove pipe information, answers and products.

Before you attempt anything in your home with stove pipe installation, be sure to check any local codes. The last thing you want is to discover that you’ve violated a building code after you’ve finished your project.

Finish the Stove System

Stove Pipe

Stove Pipe

  • Venting pipe that connects the stove to the ceiling box.

Stove pipe
This is generally the first of two types of pipe used to vent stoves. Stove pipe connects to chimney pipe to help finish off the venting system. It typically comes in black (though you can also find it in stainless steel) and is offered in both single-wall and double-wall applications.

Chimney Pipe

Chimney Pipe

  • Finishes the pipe system
  • Double walls
  • Triple walls
  • Pipe that runs through attic, and roof to chimney cap


Chimney pipe
This is the other type of pipe used to vent stoves. Chimney pipe usually comes in double-wall or triple-wall and connects to the stove pipe. It’s used both inside and outside the home and is the final type of pipe in termination. Chimney pipe is usually offered only in galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Direct Vent

Direct Vent

  • Pipe within a Pipe

Direct vent
This type of pipe vents gas fireplaces and stoves and is a “pipe within a pipe” to help with combustion. Direct vent pipe is offered in just two diameters and doesn’t need any other types of piping to complete the system.

Pellet Stove Pipe

Pellet Stove Pipe

  • Pellet Stove Pipe

Pellet vent / Type L
Pellet vent utilizes a specialized stainless steel (called super ferritic) to stop corrosion. This type of pipe is used only to vent pellet stoves and fireplaces and, like direct vent pipe, requires just one type of pipe to complete the system.

Stove Pipe Type B

Type B Pipe

  • Pipe for Water Heaters and Furnaces

Type B / B vent
You can use this type of pipe to vent gas appliances like water heaters and furnaces. Since the combusted gas that’s produced is so much cooler than that from a stove or fireplace, multiple applications can be vented through one system.

Special Gas Vent

Special Gas Vent

  • For Tankless Water Heaters and Condensing Appliances

Special gas vent
Special gas vent is sometimes referred to as “AL29-4C” as a reference to the type of steel that’s used in the pipe. This AL29-4C is highly resistant to corrosion, and was developed to aid in the venting of condensing appliances, especially tankless water heaters.

Those are the basics when it comes to the different types of stove pipes. As you can see, there are many different kinds available, so be sure to do some homework to correctly determine the right kind of stove pipe for you and your home.

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