Help Taking Measurements

FAQ - Taking Venting Pipe Measurements

    Measuring For Vent Pipe Lengths

    In order to select the proper pipe lengths, you will need to take a number of measurements.If you take the following measurements, you should be able to set up your chimney system very quickly.

    Horizontal Installation Measurements

    • From the stove outlet to the wall
    • From the wall exit point to the roof-line or eve
    • From the roof-line to the peak

    Vertical Installation Measurements

    • From the stove outlet to the wall or ceiling
    • from the ceiling to the attic/roof
    • from the ceiling exit point to the roof-line/peak

    Common Stove Clearance Questions

    Maintaining stove clearance is an extremely important factor in maintaining a healthy and safe system. You can locate your stoves minimum clearance in your owners’ manual. The following are a few common questions our customers have come across during installation:

    Q: Can I move my stove closer to the wall if I install a clearance shield?

    A: Only if your manufacturer specifically states it within your owners' manual.

    Q: My stove only requires a 6" clearance, but my pipe requires 18"... do I have to move my stove, or can I maintain solely the stove clearance?

    A: You must move your stove to meet your stove pope clearance requirement.

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