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Fireplaces - Gas, Wood, and Electric

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Fireplace Options

The warmth and natural beauty of a fireplace is a natural way to heat a home. The radiant flames and sparkling ambers take the chill off a cool fall or winter evening. Below are variety of different options with shopping for a new fireplace. From natural gas, classic wood, or new electric technology, each medium has a different look and BTU rating.

Warming Up with Stoves and Fireplaces

Gas Stoves

Gas Fireplaces

  • Natural Gas or Propane
  • No Ash
  • Clean and Efficient
  • Use Direct Vent or B-Vent
  • No Hassling with Fire Starting


The natural gas fireplace are a clean, efficient way of heating your home. Featuring Napoleon gas fireplaces, are available in a number of sizes and styles to fill your home heating needs. Many fixtures offered on are mobile home-approved, and direct vent gas fireplaces are offered with a rear of top vent. With outputs of up to 60,000 BTU, a gas stove is an ideal addition to any home’s family room, living room, or bedroom.

Gas Stoves

Wood Fireplaces

  • Up to 100,000 BTU
  • Classic styles and Class
  • Highest Heating
  • Available for Large and Small Homes


Wood burning fireplaces are an efficient and effective way of heating a room. Ranging from outputs of up to 75,000 BTU, the wood fireplaces at are ideal for a heating area of up to 3,000 square feet.  Choose from top wood burning fireplace manufacturers Napoleon and Flame. We also feature zero clearance wood burning fireplaces and units in a number of different sizes. 

Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces

  • Electric
  • Energy Efficient
  • No Venting Required
  • Can be used as both decoration and heating
  • A decorative alternative to electric heaters


The electric fireplace is one of the fastest-growing types of heating fireplaces around—and it’s easy to see why. With a number of impressive features, low prices, and installation styles, they’re as versatile as they are effective. With a heat output of up to 5,000 BTU, once you experience an electric fireplace in your home, you’ll never look for anything else. They vary in installation type like free standing, wall mount, and corner wall mount. And offers the market’s top brands of electric fireplaces in Dimplex and Napoleon.

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace Inserts

  • Up to 75,000 BTU
  • Retrofits existing open fireplaces
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Heat Output


Fireplace inserts are used to fit into an existing masonry fireplace in a home. Fireplace inserts both increase efficiency and heat output due to having a firebox which contains the fire and prevents the heated air within the home from escaping up the masonry chimney. Along with the added effectiveness of heating the home, a fireplace insert also provides a fresh, drastically improved look to your fireplace. The faceplate that covers the opening of the existing masonry fireplace as well as the insert and firebox itself can very decorative and provide a new look to your room. With BTU Outputs of up to 70,000 and fuel options of gas, wood and pellet, fireplace inserts can be the perfect solution to those looking to improve the heating efficiency and look of their home.

Fireplace Manufacturers


Whether its fireplaces or stoves is here from hearth, to fireplace stove, to venting pipe. Everything needed for warming up your home for winter.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire pits
During the hot summer months, the backyard is one of the most popular gathering places for get-togethers. Extend your summer into spring and fall with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Outdoor fire pits are portable and many feature stone construction and a slate or ceramic tile mantel. With folding legs and a carrying case, this is a great piece of outdoor furniture. also features outdoor fireplaces complete with pull screens and are powered by natural gas. We feature the heating industry’s top brands of outdoor fire pits and fireplaces like Napoleon, Fire Sense, and Uniflame.

What is a Direct Vent Fireplace? 

Direct-Vent indoor fireplaces are ideally suited for today's energy-efficient, tightly constructed homes. The flames burn in a sealed combustion firebox, so the air in the room does not come in contact with the flames. The sealed firebox requires the indoor fireplace to draw outside air to the fire for combustion. This is accomplished by using a coaxial pipe system which is actually a pipe within a pipe. Outside air is drawn to the burners through an outer pipe, while exhaust gases are expelled through a smaller pipe. Room air is circulated through passageways around the firebox, and then emitted through the top louvers. Direct-Vent indoor fireplaces are suitable for well-insulated homes or homes with no existing chimney.

What is a Zero Clearance Fireplace? 

A term often used to generically describe all factory-built indoor fireplaces. The terms refers to a quality of a factory built metal fireplace whereby enough insulation is incorporated so that the base, back, and in some cases sides, can safely be placed in direct contact (zero clearance) with combustible floors and walls. A zero clearance standard direct-vent indoor fireplace can be installed against or recessed into any outside wall that is accessible to your gas line. The slant back designs also provide flexible horizontal or vertical options.

What is an ODS (oxygen depletion sensor)? 

An ODS is a sophisticated standing pilot system, standard on all vent-free logs. The ODS will shut off the log set if the oxygen level in the room falls below 18%. Normal oxygen levels in a room are around 21%. Oxygen depletion sensors have been used for over 40 years with a 100% safety record therefore making them a very safe and reliable system.

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